What is Touch Typing?

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What is touch typing?
 'Touch typing' means being able to type with multiple fingers without looking at the keyboard. Word patterns are learnt using muscle memory. 
Why learn to touch type?
 Learning to touch type is an invaluable skill that, once learnt, will be appreciated forever. A touch typer is not reliant on looking at the keyboard. Focus is therefore not wasted on finding the keys, allowing ideas to flow more easily. In fact, most touch typers can write as fast as they can think - making them extremely productive in any working environment.  
Learning to type takes time and practice, but it is important to learn as young as possible to prevent 'bad typing habits' from developing.  
What are the other benefits of being able to touch type?
 * Helps ease learning difficulties (eg. dyslexia, dyspraxia)
* Helps with spelling - by tactile learning of spelling patterns
* Using a laptop provides an alternative to messy or illegible handwriting
* Speed of input means keeping up a good pace in the classroom 
* Improves organisation and presentation of written work
* Boosts self confidence & self esteem - touch typing is an impressive skill
* Work is produced faster therefore more time for play!
Understanding dyslexia: