Title: Holiday Courses 2021-22 (Covid-19)

Date of Last Assessment: 14th September 2021

Risk Assessor reference: Parents/ Guardians

Risk Assessor: Naomi Martin

Task/ Process: To provide touch typing courses for children aged 7-18 for families from the wider community. Courses will run for 1.5 hours per day in accordance with the current Covid-19 Government guidelines.

People at Risk: Employees of NMTT, Parents/ Guardians, Children, Sinclair House School staff who happen to be in the building at the same time as us.

Hazard: Pick up/ Drop off: General public / parents & guardians loitering outside the house/ school, unnecessarily increasing traffic and jeopardising social distancing measures.

Control Measures:

1.      Group sizes capped to 16 children (10 when working from Naomi's home) and 2/3 members of staff in accordance with current government guidelines for holiday camps.

2.      Child allergy info & emergency contact numbers known to all staff – and readily available if needed, as requested in parent booking form.

3.      Contactless booking and payment system on email prior to class.

4.      Parents/ Guardians reminded via email to adhere to social distancing rules and to move away from the entrance as soon as possible at drop off and pick up.

5.      Doors will open 5 minutes before start of class to allow for staggered entrance of children and thereby avoiding unnecessary traffic/ crowds forming.

6.      Contactless forehead thermometer will be used to check children’s temperatures upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 38 or more will be sent home and will be required to get tested and advise us of the outcome once received

7.      Parents/ carers will not be allowed into the school/ house under any circumstances to prevent any possible infections entering the school – minimising risk.

8.      Covid-19 Safety banner/ social distancing reminder to be displayed on front door of school

Hazard: Working groups & procedures/ maintaining social distancing: To avoid children coming into close contact with each other and not adhering to social distancing

Control Measures:

1.      Class sizes are capped at 16 children and 2/3 teachers in line with guidance

2.      Staff will stay at a distance wherever possible and will wear masks. If a child is unwell or needs urgent help then appropriate PPE will be worn (masks and gloves are available to all staff)

3.      Children will be monitored by a member of staff for the duration of the short break – 10 minutes

4.      Everyone has their own computer assigned to them for the week

Hazard: Toilet & Handwashing regimes: Without robust hygiene regimes the risk of cross contamination across various surfaces and equipment is exposed

Control Measures:

1.      Children advised to wash hands after using the toilet 

2.      Toilets and touch points will be wiped down before and after each class

3.      Hand sanitiser available in classroom

Hazard: Water bottles and snacks:

Control Measures:

1.      Children are advised to bring their own water bottles and snacks from home.

2.      If a child doesn’t have a water bottle they will be given their own (named) cup

Hazard: Work Equipment: Exposing equipment which could be touched by multiple pupils and risk spreading infection

Control Measures:

1.      Each child will be assigned their own computer for the duration of their course. There will be no sharing of computers.

2.      If a computer stops working the child will be told to wait until an alternative computer (we have spares) becomes available,.

3.      Computer/ keyboard/ mouse will be thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes before and after use

Hazard: First Aid: The unavoidable need to have close contact in order to instruct first aid enhances the risk of cross contamination and the spread of infection

Control Measures:

1.      First Aid will be managed by the Camps Manager or a qualified member of staff who has volunteered to conduct First Aid. Face mask and gloves will be made available

2.      First Aid will be administered in the adjacent classroom or outside in playground

3.      Surfaces will be cleaned after use and waste disposed of in bin

Hazard : A possible or confirmed case of COVID-19: A child or adult at camp displaying symptoms of COVID-19. A clear procedure needs to be in place to manage this eventuality if it occurs

Control Measures:

1.      Isolate the child in an area close-by to the designated First Aid base. Contact parents/guardians for immediate collection. If isolation for any reason is not possible, they should be moved to an area as far away from other people but at least following social distancing guidelines.

2.      If a staff member is required to come within 2 metres of the child they need to wear PPE – gloves & mask

3.      Once the child has been collected, they must get tested using the NHS portal 111. The results of the test need to be passed back to us, which usually takes up to 24 hours

4.      Parents/guardians of the other children in this class do not need to be notified at this point but we will choose to notify parents/guardians if we feel a child is at risk due to health, ethnic backgrounds or living with older relative.

5.      If the test returns positive, we will notify parents/guardians of children in the class on the day symptoms appeared as well as the 2 days prior to symptoms appearing. They are then advised to book at PCR test.

6.      If the test is negative, the child can return to class if they are no longer displaying symptoms. If not, they should continue to self-isolate until fever-free for 48 hours. Other children in the class do not need to self isolate unless they display any symptoms.

7.      If a family member, who lives in the household has a confirmed case of COVID-19, The child is advised to get tested as soon as possible. As parents/guardians are not permitted onto the ground of our camps, no further action is required